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What we do

We provide drainage solutions for almost any application imagined. With our new patented Parjana® technology, we can now enhance what mother natures intent is, to filter waterback into the earth naturally. This provides a long-term solution while reducing ground pressure and recharging the earth’s groundwater.

Why we do it

Heritage Hydrologics, LLC became involved and soon partnered with Parjana® due to necessity. Our Parent company is Heritage Lawn Care, Inc. and during the many years of landscape installations we quickly learned that water was one our main concerns within landscape management. We have implemented many other drainage band aides in the past. Parjana® has proved to be very beneficial in our experiences and is another exceptional tool in our toolbox.

Where we do it

Heritage Hydrologics, provides drainage solutions for residential, commercial, industrial, municipal and governmental applications.

“Providing the future in water management, today.”

Guaranteed Results

Resolving surface water & water intrusion issues.  Residential & Commercial Applications: Golf Courses, Athletic Fields, Industrial, Municipal and Agricultural.

Sustainable Water Management Solution for your Home

  • Improve water filtration
  • Reduce stormwater runoff
  • Waterproof foundations
  • Maintenance free
  • Minimally invasive

Sustainable Water Management Solution for Turf

  • Improve water filtration
  • Reduce stormwater runoff
  • Stabilize groundwater levels
  • Maintenance free
  • Low impact design


  • "...Since installation the area of the pitch feels firmer under foot than it would have been and the grass growth appears to be stronger. Although we have not had the same amounts of rain and freezing conditions compared to winter last year and early spring this year, I am as confident as I can be that the system is working. The First XV pitch remains in great condition while other pitches on our school playing fields are suffering water logging and remain unplayable, which demonstrates that the system has acclimated and is draining the pitch, in an area which previously was one of the most water logged areas on the whole grounds..."

    -Garry Delday, Head Groundsman, Warwick School

  • " ...While it might be difficult to quantify a new product’s success, I can certainly testify to the level of service as well as the professionalism and hustle throughout the process. Our biggest fear was potential damage to the field during installation and as promised, it was not an issue whatsoever. We’re looking forward to a spring that doesn’t require any additional maintenance this year."

    -Charley Frank, Executive Director, Reds Community Fund

  • "Thank you very much for delivering on every aspect of your commitment. Your EGRP technology has solved an 80 year old problem at our family golf course and we are so happy to endorse it to resolve any water infiltration problem at golf courses or fields."

    - Paul Beaupre, Owner, Plumb Brook Golf Club

  • “I am a pilot and use the Detroit City Airport for recreational flying purposes. I was always worried because the Canadian geese presented a real hazard when landing and taking off. Ever since the Parjana technology was installed at DCA the geese are nowhere to be found….the Parjana system has eliminated the perpetual ponding and there is no standing water to attract birds of any kind……a very good thing!"

    - John Pappas, Professional Engineer

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